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Meet WuXi NextCODE at Bio-IT 2019, Booth #502

WuXi NextCODE at Bio-IT 2019

Want to harness genomic big data to propel drug discovery?

Visit WuXi NextCODE at Bio-IT 2019 to learn about our advancements in genomic data!
Bio-IT 2019
Seaport World Trade Center
Boston, MA
April 16-18, 2019
Booth #502

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Luncheon Presentation I: Deep Phenotypic and Genomic Analysis of UK Biobank Data on the WuXi NextCODE Platform

April 17, 12:40 – 1:10pm | Waterfront 3

Saliha Yilmaz, PhD, Research Geneticist, WuXi NextCODE

The increasing size and complexity of genetic and phenotypic data to include hundreds of thousands of participants poses a significant challenge for data storage and analysis. We demonstrate use of the GOR database and query language underlying our platform to mine UK Biobank and other datasets for efficient phenotype selection, GWAS and PheWAS, and to archive and query the results.

Solutions Theater: Querying UK Biobank & Simons Foundation Through one API

April 17, 10:25am | Exhibit Hall

Alex Joyner, PhD, Senior Field Application Scientist, Application Sciences, WuXi NextCODE

A technical demonstration of how to use the GOR Database (GORdb) to query genomic and phenotypic data across multiple biobanks. Using the R software development kit for GORdb, bioinformaticians can easily interrogate genomic data using a unified schema and query language from their favorite programming language. During this talk, these tools will be utilized to build a cross-biobank group of affected Epilepsy cases using samples from Simons Foundation and UK Biobank.


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