March 7, 2018 –

WuXi NextCODE and Google Cloud Join Forces – Making More Genomes and More Tools Available to More People in More Places

The WuXi NextCODE platform will be made available to all Google Cloud customers worldwide. Plus, BigQuery, DeepVariant, & other open source tools from Google Cloud will be integrated into our platform through a close ongoing partnership.

To deliver an even greater range of genomic analytical tools and provide more ways to access them, WuXi NextCODE has partnered with Google Cloud.

The alliance, announced this week, means Google Cloud will be hosting WuXi NextCODE’s core suite of capabilities and making them available on the Google Cloud Launcher marketplace. Google’s open tools and those of other developers will also be integrated with WuXi NextCODE’s platform and made available to and usable seamlessly by all of both companies’ customers

“WuXi NextCODE has been a pioneer of large-scale genomics, and we are thrilled to welcome them as a Google Cloud Partner,” said Jonathan Sheffi, Product Manager, Genomics & Life Sciences at Google. “Our collaboration aims to create a powerful interoperable suite of capabilities to derive insight from sequence data.”

This joint offering is expected to launch in May at the BioIT World Conference & Expo in Boston.  The WuXi NextCODE products hosted on Google Cloud will include GORdb, WuXi NextCODE secondary analysis, the Sequence Miner case-control research application, and the Clinical Sequence Analyzer interpretation system.

Key Google genomics and research tools will be integrated and deployable in tandem with the WuXi NextCODE platform. Those will include Google Cloud’s BigQuery and DeepVariant secondary analysis pipeline, along with other open-source analysis pipelines, as well as additional tools.

“This partnership is an important step towards realizing our vision to provide people and organizations with the best tools for using genomic data, anywhere and at any scale,” said Hannes Smarason, WuXi NextCODE CEO.

This new partnership with Google Cloud marks an important step forward. “We are excited to see our platform launch on Google Cloud this spring, and to explore collaborative projects that require the combined horsepower of our own and Google’s tools and teams,” adds Smarason. Together, I expect we will find innovative ways to make more data more useful to more people, advancing the genomics field as well as serving our customers.”

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