February 20, 2018 –

WuXi NextCODE Named One of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech for Providing the World’s Leading Platform for Genomic Data

Launch of rare disease diagnostics in China showcases how this platform can uniquely benefit patients and populations worldwide.

20 February 2017 – We are pleased to announce that WuXi NextCODE has been named to Fast Company’s “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech” for being “the world’s leading platform for storing, sharing and interpreting massive sets of genomic data.” With offices in Shanghai, Cambridge and Reykjavik, WuXiNextCODE has the world covered. We provide the infrastructure underpinning many of the largest national genome projects and rare disease efforts underway worldwide.

“We are establishing the global standard platform for genomic data,” says Hannes Smarason, CEO of WuXi NextCODE. “We are now the partner of choice and this award reinforces that.” We share this honor from Fast Company with other stand-out organizations, including Novartis, Biogen, GE Healthcare, Spark Therapeutics, and Sophia Genetics.

The world’s leading platform for storing, sharing and interpreting massive sets of genomic data.


One notable example that demonstrates our unique capabilities is our RareCODE rare disease testing platform in China, which we launched approximately one year ago at Fudan Children’s Hospital in Shanghai.

Per Fast Company’s criteria, this project taps, “both heartstrings and purse strings and uses the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world.”

We are the first platform to apply global gold standard genomics to the diagnosis of rare disease, at scale, in China. This groundbreaking collaboration is now enabling the rapid and accurate diagnosis of thousands of patients, including in the neonatal intensive care unit, and pointing the way to effective therapies for many who would previously have remained undiagnosed.

“In little over a year, this has grown to be one of the largest-scale genome-based rare disease diagnostic efforts in the world,” says Smarason.

“By definition, solving rare disease requires harnessing and deploying massive genomic datasets on a global scale. Our platform is uniquely powered to do that, allowing clinicians and researchers in the preeminent rare disease programs in the US, Europe, and the Middle East to access best-in-class interpretation capabilities backed by an unrivaled global knowledgebase available in real time, online.”

“But you can’t have a global platform without China, and that’s where we and Fudan have led the way. We expect to expand that effort both in China and globally in 2018,” Smarason adds. This recognition follows fast on WuXi NextCODE’s Scrip award last year. “This Fast Company award helps to highlight our ambition, and we are proud to receive it,” Smarason says.


We are honored to be joining the other standout organizations on the 12th annual Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech list. As a platform serving companies as well as hospitals and national health systems, we also want to congratulate great partners and colleagues who have also been cited as leading biotech innovators.

Each of these companies is advancing better medicine to improve patients’ lives, either using or complementing our platform and approach to global genomics. We’re very pleased to be in such good company.

The winners are selected by the magazine’s reporting team, which reviews thousands of enterprises each year, for those that tap “both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world.”  This special issue is one of the magazine’s most significant and highly anticipated publications of the year. It recognizes a range of enterprises, from start-ups to well-established firms, that exemplify the best in business and the heights of innovation.

The Most Innovative Companies issue (March 2018) is now available online as well as in app form via iTunes, and will appear on newsstands beginning February 27, 2018.


WuXi NextCODE is a fully integrated contract genomics organization (CGO) building the global standard platform for genomic data. With offices in Shanghai; Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Reykjavik, Iceland, we serve the leading population genomics, precision medicine, diagnostics and wellness initiatives and enterprises using the genome to improve health around the world. Our capabilities span study design, sequencing, secondary analysis, storage, interpretation, scalable analytics, and AI and deep learning – all backed by the most proven and widely used technology for organizing, mining and sharing genome sequence data. We are also applying the same capabilities to advance a growing range of sequence-based tests and scans in China.

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