HealthCODE Findings

The Power of Clinical-grade Consumer Whole-genome Wellness Scans

Showing the potential of global best-practice WGS wellness scans for informing individual wellness and advancing precision medicine

Results from early HealthCODE customers:

  • Participants have, on average, significantly increased risk of four out of 28 common diseases, enabling focused lifestyle modification and other preventive measures
  • 1% are carriers of ACMG59 variants and 37% are carriers for at least one of 400 recessive traits, alerting them and their children to the need for pre-conception carrier testing
  • Customers can participate in research – with HIPAA-compliant privacy protection – creating a major resource of WGS data to further power WuXi NextCODE’s global knowledgebase
Topline findings from a pilot study

Topline findings from a pilot study

Results from early customers of its HealthCODE consumer whole-genome wellness scan in China are being presented today at the American College of Medical Genetics Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Attendees can also visit WuXi NextCODE at booth #1224.

Pioneering global best practices whole-genome personal wellness in China

HealthCODE, launched late last year, delivers wellness using the same platform and standards that WuXi NextCODE provides to its WGS wellness partners in the US and Europe: CLIA/CAP certified sequencing; population-specific multiplicative risk modeling by WuXi NextCODE’s global genetics team; HIPAA-compliant privacy protection; and pre- and post-scan counseling delivered by qualified medical professionals.

Chinese consumers want to use the genome to support their own health and to contribute to the advance of precision medicine in China and around the world. HealthCODE uniquely enables them to do this, enjoying the same internationally certified clinical grade sequencing and the world-leading analytics we deliver to our partners around the world. Hannes Smarason, CEO of WuXi NextCODE

The Potential of WGS for supporting health and wellness

This first pilot analysis of results from some 200 of the first HealthCODE customers last year underscores the potential of WGS for supporting health and wellness. The scan uses WuXi NextCODE’s proprietary risk modeling to gauge each individual’s inherited risk of 28 common complex diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heart attack. On average, participants are at more than 1.5-times average risk of four common diseases. This provides them and their doctors important information about lifestyle changes, monitoring and even medicines they should consider to counteract those risks and increase their chances of staying healthy.

For example, roughly 18% of participants are at >1.5 times average inherited risk for type 2 diabetes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are hundreds of millions of people in China with prediabetes. A clinical-grade scan such as HealthCODE makes it possible to target those at individuals at highest inherited risk of becoming diabetic with annual fasting glucose measurement and physician-supervised lifestyle changes. This can deliver better prevention for individuals, as well as create a growing resource of whole-genome data that can be correlated with medical and outcomes data to develop an ever more refined picture of genetic risk factors and effective prevention strategies.

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Presenting early findings at ACMG17