Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat

Data Science

Dr. Chittenden is Chief Data Science Officer and Founding Director of the WuXi NextCODE Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory. Dr. Chittenden is responsible for development and execution of our global AI/ML R&D strategy. This R&D initiative includes development of advance deep learning, statistical machine learning, and probabilistic programming strategies aimed at furthering scientific understanding of human disease initiation and progression, knowledge that can be directly applied in innovative products for better care and medicine in a range of disease areas.

Dr. Chittenden is an Omega Society Fellow with over 25 years of experimental and theoretical research experience. The principal focus of Dr. Chittenden’s work is the development and application of integrated systems biology models to investigate evolutionary factors of human disease. He is currently applying quantum information theory to decipher an elemental molecular code regulating patterns of biological complexity.

Dr. Chittenden’s work has been published in top-tier scientific journals, including featured articles in Nature and Science. In 2019, Dr. Chittenden was named among the top 100 A.I. Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on A.I. and causal statistical machine learning in precision medicine.

Dr. Chittenden is an Accredited Professional Statistician™ with the American Statistical Association. In addition to his position at WuXi NextCODE, he holds academic faculty appointments at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School. From 2016 to 2018, Dr. Chittenden held a Visiting Lecturer appointment in the Department of Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Scientific Advisory Board member of BlueRock Therapeutics and the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Dr. Chittenden is also a Senior Fellow and Chief Statistical Sciences Advisor for the Global Strategic Initiatives and Planning Committee of the prestigious International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. Dr. Chittenden holds a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology from Virginia Tech and a DPhil in Computational Statistics from the University of Oxford. His multidisciplinary postdoctoral training includes experimental investigations in Molecular and Cellular Cardiology from the Dartmouth Medical School and Integrative Functional Genomics and Biostatistics from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health.