Our Partnerships


Using the Genome as a Roadmap for Health

The field of genomics has developed principally as a means of better understanding, diagnosing and treating disease. But the same technology and expertise can be used to understand what keeps us well, alerting us to diseases for which we may be at elevated inherited risk and enabling us to take action through lifestyle modification, screening and medication to minimize those risks and remain healthier longer.

As a part of our mission to improve and protect the health of people and patients around the world we are using our unique capabilities to advance scientific wellness. We are using our platform to advance the most innovative scientific wellness enterprises in the United States, integrating whole-genome sequence data with metabolomic, gut and lifestyle information. In China, our HealthCODE scan is being delivered by our partner healthcare organizations to their Chinese clients interested in understanding and protecting their health. It enables them to take advantage of the same gold-standard technology we are deploying in the United States.