Uncover new cancer-related associations, find novel drug response markers and generate reports to guide treatment

The CancerCODE interpretation system empowers you to scan WGS data derived from tumors/germlines for mutations and structural variations.

Our system facilitates identifying cancer-related variants and rapidly comparing them with genomic data from other sources, including array-CGH, and RNA-seq.

Easy To Use

Our system was designed to be intuitive, allowing standard analyses to be performed quickly while offering a bioinformatics workbench solution that provides flexible tools for more-advanced and scalable analyses. High sensitivity and specificity comes from access to different population allelic frequencies, ability to run MuTect and Varscan2 in parallel and the leveraging of actionable gene collections (e.g. COSMIC and TCGA).

Rapid Analysis

Shave days from once-tedious workflows. Our system allows immediate visualization of raw sequences for variant confirmation. Users may easily toggle between single case and large-scale clinical applications, generate provisional reports and review final reports - all from within our system.

Actionable and Customized Reports

Our system has proven power for identifying novel variants thanks to simple and powerful toggle filters for allelic frequencies, impact prediction and other critera, backed by global reference datasets. These features help pinpoint actionable variants for which custom reports may be created using integrated NofOne content. These reports match actionable cancer gene mutations with FDA-approved and/or investigational treatments for particular patients.

Immediately Visualize

Immediately Visualize

Raw Sequence Data

End-to-End Capabilities

We offer a full suite of other products and services from patient collection data management, sequencing and secondary analysis. When integrated with our CancerCODE system, we offer an unmatched comprehensive solution.

Integrate and Collaborate

Integrate with existing systems and use our ecosystem to collaborate with colleagues and institutions around the world. Leverage full-resolution data without moving big files.

Hardware is Optional

Our system may be run in the cloud, providing users with elastic scalability as well as compliant and best-in-class security (powered by DNAnexus). Pay only for the compute time and storage you need.


  • Seamlessly compares tumor vs germline WGS and WES data
  • Runs the Mutect and Varscan2 algorithms and utilizes Icelandic and public domain allelic frequencies for improved sensitivity and specificity for tumor-specific mutation analysis
  • Identifies LOH, SNPs, lndels, rearrangements and CNVs in tumor and germline samples
  • Joins discoveries with COSMIC and TCGA data and interrogates actionable gene panels
  • Immediately accesses aligned sequences to confirm somatic mutations vs germline reads
  • Easily compare results with RNA-seq and arrayCGH data
  • Defines resistant driver mutations in recurrent cancers (pre- vs post-treatment tumor sequence analysis)
  • Identifies responders vs. non-responders
  • Compares tumor-specific vs survival variants
  • Reports gene and variant annotations relating to the sensitivity or resistance to drugs, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy