Clinical Sequence Analyzer

Quickly and scalably identify clinically-relevant phenotype-associated genes and variants.

Take Your Genomics to the Next Level

WuXi NextCODE is the world’s most powerful genome analytics solution. It enables diagnostic marker identification and carrier searches at speeds and scale impossible on any other platform.

Universal Speed and Scale


Shorten Lead Times

Our platform is built on the only big data architecture built from the ground up for genomics. Our clinical applications enable you to query massive datasets on-the-fly and visualize raw sequence instantly.

Scale Without Limits

No other system in the world manages, mines and interprets more genomes. Our underlying data architecture empowers users to uncover key connections between sequence variants and phenotypes, with fully-customizable queries, and backed by always-on, full-resolution data visualization.

Find More Variants

Find More Variants

The power of the WuXi NextCODE system lies in the computational efficiency of a big data architecture built for genomes. It enables you to query all your data in the context of constantly updated global reference datasets, using simple and powerful toggle filters for allelic frequencies, variant impact prediction and other criteria, with mode of inheritance modeling and de novo detection. All this along with integrated query languages and the ability to bring in your own query scripts in R, Python and others.

Detect novel variants with allelic frequencies down to 0.01%

always-on, constantly updated global reference datasets

A worldwide ecosystem of partners

End-to-End Capabilities

We offer a full suite of genomics solutions, starting from patient collection data management, sequencing and secondary analysis. Integrated with our analytics, we offer an unmatched comprehensive solution.

Integration and Collaboration

Integrate existing processes and use our ecosystem to collaborate with colleagues and institutions around the world. Leverage full-resolution data without moving big files.

Hardware is Optional

Run our system in the cloud to get elastic scalability, compliance and the best-in-class security (powered by DNAnexus). Pay only for the compute time and storage you need.


  • Scalable clinical applications
  • On-the-fly database modifications and queries
  • Simultaneous analysis of WGS, WES, RNAseq and arrayCGH data
  • De novo mutation detection directly on raw sequence
  • Customized case-control studies with attribute visualization
  • Cross-family analysis for rare or extreme phenotypes
  • Gene-based association analysis with GAVA
  • Detection of novel variants with allelic frequencies down to 0.01%
  • Shared homozygosity and LOH analysis
  • Always-on, comprehensive, constantly updated global reference data, with custom knowledge base options
  • Filtering by sequence quality, variant frequency, impact, mode of inheritance and more
  • Ability to scan entire patient collections for carriers of a candidate variant
  • Immediate visualization of raw sequence reads in its genome browser