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Researching rare variants in a gene? Struggling to format your datasets and find time with bioinformaticians? Accelerate your work with a GeneCODE Report prepared by WuXi NextCODE’s world-class geneticists.

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Enter your gene-of-interest above, and then simply check off which reference databases and types of variant annotation (phenotype, clinical, impact, frequency, and more) you want included in your report.

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GeneCODE Report Overview

GeneCODE Report Overview

Variant Landscape. Our geneticists identify high-impact, loss-of-function variants for your gene as defined by Ensembl’s VEP, and then clinically annotate these variants based on ClinVar, OMIM, SIFT, PolyPhen, dbNSFP, and proprietary datasets.

Rare Variants. We analyze 15 population allele frequency databases derived from 123,136 WES/ WGS including: gnomAD/ ExAC/ 1000 Genomes & EVS, as well as the Dutch, Japanese, & Icelandic sequencing projects – in order to determine rare, high-impact variants by ethnicity.

Functional Impact. Our data science team runs our proprietary deep learning neural network algorithm, DeepCODE, in order to predict the functional impact of nonsynonymous variants on the protein expressed by your gene-of-interest. Our exhaustive feature space was trained using 310 annotations.

Reference Data Pipeline

Reference Data Pipeline

WuXi NextCODE has done the hard work for you; we’ve integrated the world’s leading genomic databases including: phenotypic classification (HPO, GCD), variant annotation (ClinVar, OMIM, dbSNP, dbNSFP), variant impact scores (VEP, SIFT, PolyPhen), population allele frequency (gnomAD), and numerous others. Every month, our pipeline automatically merges updated reference databases, validates data integrity, and documents the changes made in the version history.

Powered by WuXi NextCODE

Powered by WuXi NextCODE

Leading Genomics – WuXiNextCODE has a global presence in the United States (Boston), Iceland (Reykjavik), and China (Shanghai) along with an origin story that stretches back to the world’s first nation-wide whole genome sequencing project in Iceland. Our trusted partnerships and technological advantages have enabled us to build The Global Platform for Genomic Big Data.



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