Gene-based variant annotation report

Complete annotation of high-impact rare variants in your gene of interest. You no longer need to waste time accessing multiple variant databases, harmonizing the data, or waiting on your bioinformatics team.

GeneCODE Report Includes

GeneCODE Report Includes

Variant Landscape. Provides complete list of high-impact, loss-of-function variants for your gene with clinical phenotypic annotation.

Rare Variants. Determines rare, high-impact variants from analyzing 15 population databases derived from data from 120,000 individuals.

Functional Impact. Predicts functional impact of variants using our proprietary deep learning neural network algorithm, DeepCODE. Our exhaustive feature space was trained using 310 annotations.

High-impact Variants

Rare variants
Clinically annotated

  • ClinVar
  • OMIM
  • WuXi NextCODE variant database

Allele Frequencies

Based on >120,000 WES/WGS
15 population databases
gnomAD/ ExAC/ 1000 Genomes & EVS
Dutch, Japanese & Icelandic

Variant Functional Impact

Impact scores (VEP, SIFT, PolyPhen)
Loss-of-function & missense variants
DeepCODE deep learning algorithms

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Up-to-date Variant Annotations

Up-to-date Variant Annotations

GeneCODE reports include the latest variant data in one harmonized data structure. Our data is updated every month, across all reference databases and validated data integrity.


$2,500 per report*

*Special pricing for multiple GeneCODE reports or non-profit institutions may be available.

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