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Putting China at the Center of Precision Medicine

The Global Infrastructure for Precision Medicine

As a global company with deep local roots, WuXi NextCODE is applying its leadership in genomics to innovate sequence–based tests and scans in China. These leverage our deep expertise in population and clinical genomics to specifically address key medical needs, disease prevalence, risk variants and public health challenges in the Chinese population


There are an estimated 55 million children in China with undiagnosed rare diseases. We are working with two of the largest and most prestigious pediatric hospitals – Fudan and Ruijin – to address this pressing medical need. By applying the power of our renowned rare disease diagnostics and China variant knowledgebase, we expect to rapidly accelerate the number of cases solved and improve the treatment and prospects of patients. Using our platform will further accelerate this process by leveraging the China Precision Medicine Cloud that we have launched with Huawei. It enables experts to interpret sequences from patients in other parts of the country and creates a cumulative data and knowledgebase of disease variants in the Chinese population.


The pioneering whole-genome wellness scan in China, HealthCODE enables Chinese individuals interested in understanding and protecting their health to take advantage of the same gold-standard technology we are deploying in the United States and Europe.

Delivered in a clinical setting by our partner healthcare institutions, it detects rare disease variants and carrier status as well as common disease risk factors, providing concrete advice on how to stay healthy through a dynamic and constantly updated online interface and medical advice.


With 24 million pregnancies per year, there is vast need and demand from Chinese couples planning their families to understand whether they carry heritable risk factors for rare and serious diseases. Our carrier screen detects known risk factors in the Chinese population for some 200 diseases.