Cohort Sourcing

Unparalleled Access to Genomically-Defined Patients

Define your own custom cohort through our global partnerships, which include our recent acquisition of Genomics Medicine Ireland.

Cohort Sourcing

Accelerate your target identification

Select for therapeutic area, geographic location, or ethnic background. Cohorts contain genotypic data enriched with deep phenotypic data, and are statistically powered to distinguish signal from noise.

Powered for statistical significance

Cohorts powered with more than 5,000 patients for many diseases or clinical features. Control groups of up to 15,000 healthy individuals.

Patient consent and re-contact

Ability to re-contact fully consented patients for follow-up phenotypes, outcomes, and further samples. We ensure patient consent, and compliance with data protection and privacy.

Digitize your samples

Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing from FFPE samples, blood, saliva, tissue, cultured cells, or dried blood spots.

Scalable GORdb platform

Our proprietary platform provides a holistic view of your own private data with that from public genomic databanks.

Powerful analytics crafted for genomics

Analytics and AI trained on multi-omic and phenotypic data. Proven in target discovery, drug response signatures, and population genomics.

Retrospective and Prospective Trials

Can be used for both prospective and retrospective studies

Data connecting across the globe

Our differentiated approach

  • Partner with healthcare providers, biopharma, government, foundations, and patient groups
  • Focus on homogeneous populations for better signal to noise resolution
  • Use WGS to fully leverage the genome
  • Disease specialists curate and validate deep phenotypic data
  • Supported by our full catalog of products and team of experts