SeqPlus: DNA from FFPE

New data from old samples

A breakthrough process to extract DNA from FFPE samples

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SeqPlus: DNA from FFPE

98% genome coverage from FFPE samples

Unlock new insights from tumor samples with 98% sequence alignments covered at a depth of 20x. This process produces reliable, high-quality results for whole genome, exome, or multi-omic analysis comparable to fresh frozen-derived data, enabling quality mutation and copy number variation analyses.

Unlock novel insights, develop more targeted therapies, and speed time to value with SeqPlus.

Results comparable to fresh frozen

Generates sequence alignments covering 98% of the genome at a depth of 20x or greater, when sequenced at a depth of 70x for whole genome sequencing.

WGS from FFPE samples!

Unlike traditional FFPE sequencing processes, SeqPlus can isolate enough high-quality DNA to achieve good coverage across whole genome or whole exome sequencing.

CNV analysis

Allows for high quality mutation and copy number variation analysis.

Add sequencing to your current work flow

In addition to pathology, you can now add whole genome and whole exome sequencing to your work flow.

Proven using 15 year old archival tissue

Our assay works with archival tissue biobank samples as old as 15 years, routine clinical processing of samples for clinical trial recruitment, and tissue sections from normal clinical diagnostic workflows.

Salvage your degraded samples

Our proprietary SeqPlus extraction process is ideal for specimens with degraded DNA, cross-linked nucleic acids, and low quantities of material.

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Webinar: Application of WGS in Older Esophageal Carcinoma FFPE Tissues Reveals Novel Insights

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WuXi NextCODE offers access to Illumina's TruSightTM Oncology 500 (TSO 500).

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DNA strand

SeqPlus – A novel method for FFPE sample analysis

Presentation of AstraZeneca's findings that our SeqPlus gives improved coverage of genes from FFPE samples, enabling more efficient exome sequencing.

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White Paper: A Breakthrough Process for FFPE Samples

Isolating sufficient quality DNA from samples is a major challenge in genomic research. Setbacks can raise costs, cause delays, and lead to failed studies. A new process from WuXi NextCODE, SeqPlus, offers time and cost savings with excellent results. SeqPlus greatly improves DNA extraction from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples.

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