Highest quality NGS and genomic services

Including, but not limited to, isolation from both frozen and FFPE samples, library preparation, sequencing, and analysis

Get the most data from your precious samples

Top quality, CAP/CLIA certified laboratories

A global network of CAP/CLIA certified laboratories which employ superb quality control methods. LIMS, automation, and confirmatory tests together provide high quality data, increased efficiency, and shortened turnaround times.

Next Generation Sequencing services

Whole genome and whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq and single molecule sequencing.

Additional Laboratory Genomic services

Targeted enrichment panels, amplicon sequencing, microarray and Sanger methods such as MSI and MLPA

Sample Preparation

Possible from FFPE samples, blood, saliva, tissue, cultured cells, or dried blood spots.

Analysis as a Service

Extensive secondary and tertiary analysis services available.

Large capacity

Over 20 sequencing machines across our global CAP/CLIA labs, including HiSeq X10, HiSeq 2500, MiSeq, NovaSeq, Ion PGM/Proton, and more.

Support along the way

Hassle and worry-free shipping with our project management team overseeing the sample submission workflow from end-to-end.