Next Generation Sequencing and Genomic Services

The quality, scalable genomic services you need with personalized service, efficient turnaround times, and competitive prices.

High quality, comprehensive genomic services

Quality-guaranteed Next Generation Sequencing

Whole genome, whole exome, RNA sequencing, and methylation services with guaranteed results.

Additional Laboratory Genomic services

Targeted enrichment panels, amplicon sequencing, microarray and Sanger methods such as MSI and MLPA.

Sample preparation

From FFPE samples, blood, saliva, tissue, cultured cells, or dried blood spots.

High-tech, large capacity

Over 25 sequencing machines across our global CLIA/CAP labs, including NovaSeq, HiSeq X10, MiSeq, Oxford Nanopore, Ion PGM/Proton, 10x Genomics Chromium, and more.

Analysis as a Service

Extensive secondary and tertiary analysis services available through our expert team.

Concierge-level service

Our project management team provides a range of services based on the needs of your project, including but not limited to logistical support for ease of shipping, customs clearance, sequencing, and data delivery.

Next Generation Sequencing and Genomic Services


Applications for Oncology

  • SeqPlus - validated, optimized method for FFPE isolation and sequencing
  • TSO 500 cancer panel
  • Targeted cancer panels
  • Tumor Mutation Burden
  • Microsatellite Instability
  • Copy Number Variation

RNA / Gene Regulation

Methylation Services

  • DNA methylation sequencing
  • Methylation array

Genomic Analysis as a Service

  • Secondary analysis
  • Tertiary analysis
  • Custom Consulting and analysis

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Sequencing Platforms and Services


  • NovaSeq 6000
  • NextSeq 550Dx
  • MiSeq System
  • HiSeq 2500 Series
  • iScan Microarray

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

  • MinION
  • GridION


  • Ion PGM System
  • Ion Proton System
  • ABI 3500 Genetic Analyzer

10X Genomics

  • Chromium

Featured Products and Services

Blue tinted body tissue


SeqPlus is our proprietary formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) whole genome and whole exome sequencing workflow which includes DNA isolation through secondary analysis. This method generates high molecular weight DNA molecules and achieves equivalent quality and coverage data to fresh-frozen tissue samples.

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Secondary Analysis

Secondary analysis on NGS data, including FASTQ quality, alignment, and variant calling. Our highly skilled bioinformatics team have developed and validated multiple pipelines that provide scalability and consistency for analyzing your genomic data.

Tertiary Analysis

Tertiary analysis including clinical interpretation, QC analysis for sample/variant missingness, cohort analysis, and functional enrichment using GOseq and nGO seq. Our DeepCODE software accelerates new discovery research/validation, biomarker identification or responders v/s non-responders.

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Cloud Storage

Your results can be delivered to the cloud via FTP, by disc in BAM or VCF format. We partner with Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, and Alibaba for all your cloud needs.