Powerful Analytics Crafted for Genomics

Analysis software that enables researchers and clinicians to improve patient’s lives through genomics.

Purpose-built analytical suite

Comprehensive analytical suite integrated with the GORdb, the only digital platform built for population scale genomics. Analyze multi-omic and phenotypic data to identify key variants, diagnose disease, or discover new disease pathways.

DiscoveryCODE: Sequence Miner

Fast, scalable genomic and phenotypic mining tools to accelerate your research

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Clinical Sequence Analyzer

Quickly identifies clinically-relevant phenotype-associated genes and variants, all with a user-friendly interface.

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Built into our platform and contains information from over 50 curated reference datasets (gnomAD, OMIM, ExAC, etc.), our partnerships with multiple large genomic databanks (UK Biobank, TCGA, Simons Simplex Collection), and our own proprietary knowledge gained from working with hundreds of thousands of genomes.

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