The Global Infrastructure for Precision Medicine

WuXi NextCODE enables organizations worldwide to use the full power of the genome to improve health and support wellness. We do that by providing the most powerful technology platform for using sequence data – at scale, real-time, online – as well as all the capabilities and know-how required to generate and deploy the data you need to identify the key variants in the genome that underlie your patients’ phenotype.

Our Platform


Genomics is a big data challenge with a difference. The foundation of the WuXi NextCODE advantage is the only data architecture optimized specifically for massive genomic data. We call this architecture GOR: Genomically Ordered Relational database. It was built to manage and mine the largest collection of whole-genome sequence data and is the only system proven with data at population scale. Its success comes from leveraging the structure of the genome itself.

Underpinning the world’s preeminent precision medicine enterprises, it’s your operating system for the human genome – giving you on-the-fly queries and joins between all your sequences and all standard global reference sets; optimized for cluster computing; with unmatched computational and cost efficiency.


Our proprietary GOR-enabled solutions give you the search engine for asking the questions you want and getting the answers you need. The interfaces built on our platform seamlessly tap into all your data – including global reference data – to solve cases and identify key variants, regardless of your genomic challenge.

All of this and more, battle-tested at unrivalled scale:

  • Run and integrate with Python, R, and more.
  • Seamless ad hoc interrogation of phenotype and sequence data, incorporating your own scripts and tools.
  • An unmatched, constantly-updating knowledgebase.
  • Leading-edge mode of inheritance and de novo detection.
  • Compare tumor and normal whole genome data, backed with always-on reference to identify driving mutations.
  • Pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in life sciences, our algorithms use DNA, RNA, microarray and protein data to map pathways and identify signatures, leading to instant and automatic disease classification.


The efficiency of GOR has enabled us to provide the global genomics community with the first functioning internet of DNA.

The ability to use full-resolution genomic data over an ordinary internet connection, through integrated clinical and sequence analysis interfaces, is unique and intrinsic to WuXi NextCODE.

That means that you can collaborate using all of your own and partners’ patient data, analyze clinical data residing on servers on different continents and access global reference sets, all as though they were right on your server.

Our platform enables you to interact with the largest community of genomes in the world, with full access control to your own data. We call this community the WuXi NextCODE Exchange, and it is already providing global access to the world’s largest autism dataset providing the foundation for global data sharing.

Free Platform Extension

GORpipe is our free command line tool that queries data based on our GOR architecture. It uses a declarative query language that combines features from SQL and shell pipe syntax in a novel manner. The system can be used to annotate sequence variants, find genomic spatial overlap between various types of genomic features, filter and aggregate them in various ways.

Our Capabilities

Along with uniquely powerful means of using your genomic data, WuXi NextCODE offers deep expertise and end-to-end solutions for generating and deploying it. These include clinical diagnostics and applications; a full range of CAP- and CLIA-certified sequencing; secondary analysis; cloud solutions from leading global providers and the option for HIPAA-compliant storage. We are here to help with whatever piece of the puzzle you are missing or with bundled or completely integrated solutions, customized to meet your needs.

Patient Collections

Because our platform underpins large-scale projects around the world, we can help you manage large collections of patients. We have experience with consents, sample collection, molecular profiling and medical data management.

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Our high-throughput, CAP- and CLIA-certified facilities offer best-in-class quality. From single clinical samples to population-scale projects, we can meet any need. Run WGS, RNAseq and more with confidence and compliance.

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Cloud & Secondary Processing

Choose to run our system in the cloud and get elastic scalability, compliance and best-in-class security. Join patient collections and leverage full-resolution data without moving big files. Build a knowledge base within your institution or with collaborators around the world.

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Clinical Applications

Genomic big data is the key to revolutionizing healthcare. Find the key variants linked to patient phenotypes and responder status, and use these insights to power better patient care.

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It doesn’t get any more flexible than this. You can use your own pipeline, choose from a large number of other proven options, validated across multiple projects.

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Clinical Interpretation

Shorten workflows and solve more cases. Solve rare disease cases within minutes, conduct tumor/germline analyses to identify cancer-related variants and generate well-patient reports with risk assessments and carrier status.

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Free academic version of our system using a genomic ordered architecture to query genomic tabular data faster and easier.

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