Cloud and Secondary Processing


Process Faster

Store data, run the secondary pipeline of your choice and seamlessly use our analysis tools, all in the cloud

Our Cloud integrates the storage of sequence data, secondary processing, and all of interpretation and scalable clinical applications together in a secure and compliant cloud. Built on our unique data architecture, it enables full-resolution data analysis and compliant clinical validation and collaboration online without moving any large files.

Uniquely Global

Our cloud processing and data security leverage our strategic partnership with DNAnexus. Our platform can be deployed on Amazon, Microsoft or Huawei, giving you your data with the full functionality of WuXi NextCODE on your platform of choice, anywhere in the world.

Elastic Scalability

Your data will be stored in our unique data architecture. Get fast analysis of single or large numbers of samples and pay only for the compute time and storage you use. Scale up or down with ease.

Pipeline Flexibility

It doesn’t get any more flexible than this. You can use your own pipeline, choose from other, proven options or use our proprietary pipeline, validated across numerous major projects. Perform pipeline benchmarking and optimize your pipeline using command-line or easy drag-and-drop interfaces while controlling for whole genome or whole exome read-depth and direct analysis of aligned read files, improving sensitivity and specificity.


Trust in a system that adheres with: HIPAA, CAP, CLIA, GCP, 21 CFR parts 11, 58, and 493, European Data Privacy laws and regulations. For data from Chinese patients, our China Cloud instance conforms to all CFDA and governmental regulations. The system retains six year audit logs of all activity.

Immediately Visualize

Immediately Visualize

Raw Sequence Data


The WuXi NextCODE Cloud employs the most advanced protocals and encrypts data in flight and at rest with transient unencrypted data only in worker node memory. The 27001 and 27002-certified system supports two-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for (SAML)

End-to-End Capablities

We offer a full suite of other products and services, from intuitive large-scale data management to sequencing and secondary analysis. These are all integrated with our Cloud system, offering an unmatched comprehensive solution.

Intergration and Collaboration

Integrate with existing systems and use our ecosystem to validate your clinical findings and collaborate with colleagues and institutions around the world. Leverage full-resolution data without moving big files.


  • Out-of-the-box job and data management to support thousands of nodes and millions of objects for parallelizable execution of your data analysis
  • Secondary processing pipelines can be open source, commercial or custom
  • Securely access projects or collaborate to and from anywhere in the world (as allowed by regulations and institutional policy)
  • Data is ready for immediate analysis with integrated WuXi NextCODE downstream analysis tools, or VCF and BAM files may be transferred to 3rd party systems
  • Command-line and web interfaces are available
  • Fine-grained administrator-defined access and permission-based control
  • Uniform analytical treatment via version-controlled tools and management of jobs with full access to stdout/stderr logs
  • Label your data with tags and properties for easy data/sample management, filtering and searching
  • Compliant with: HIPAA, CLIA, GCP, 21 CtFR parts 11, 58, and 493, European Data Privacy laws and regulation; China instance of the WuXi NextCODE Cloud fully compliant with CFDA and government regulations
  • Security includes encrypting data in flight and at rest with transient unencrypted data only in worker node memory, two factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) support (SAML) and independently audited and certified ISO 27001 and 27002 compliance