Small screens, big ambitions: What place do mobile apps have in genomic research

16 Aug 2017, 12:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Kirk Brote, Director of Product Experience, will discuss the role of mobile apps in genomic research. More and more researchers need the ability to conduct discussion and diagnosis where and when they need, enter mobile devices.

When we think of genomic research and analysis, it’s common to envision clinicians and researchers standing in front of enormous monitors, searching for the tell-tale stripe of a genetic variant. What we often fail to consider are all of the adjacent tasks that have to be done to visualize a genome – managing your sample pipeline, understanding prior research, reviewing new science – all of which need to be accomplished both inside and outside of the traditional lab space.

Opportunities for mobile interactions:
Are the samples processed and ready for analysis?
What new information is there about what I’ve found?
How can I find cases that require reevaluation?


Kirk Brote Director of Product Experience

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