LifeCODE Databank

The optimal place for safe and efficient health data storage and exchange

Genomic testing is ushering in a new age of medicine. Patients can be treated more precisely and effectively when their care is tailored to their own individual genetic makeup. Determining genetic risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer empowers individuals and their healthcare providers to prevent those diseases or detect and begin treating them earlier. As the cost for genomic sequencing becomes more affordable, more and more people around the world are opting to get genetic testing. As a result, there is a growing need for a safe and efficient way to store healthcare data, while still allowing for it to be widely shared. Genomic data is extremely sensitive. Within a decade or two, the genome will likely reveal even more. In this context, ensuring that people’s genomic data is stored responsibly and anonymously is vital for maintaining privacy. It is also vital for scientific progress.

With the launch of the WuXi NextCODE LifeCODE Databank, we combine our unparalleled experience in genomic sequencing and analysis with the bold new technology of blockchain, allowing patients, hospitals, companies, and other stakeholders to further advance the genomic revolution.

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